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The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian dog is a breed of medium-sized dogs whose most unique feature is its black or sometimes, liver-colored spots. It’s most popular use in the early days was for carriage. However, over time, the Dalmatian dog has metamorphosed into a pet. Petland is honored to offer first-class Dalmatian puppies and our caring team of puppy specialists will help answer any questions you may have.

The origins of the Dalmatian can be traced back to present-day Croatia. It is believed that early ancestors of the breed were specific breeds of pointers and a spotted Great Dane. Today, the Dalmatian is a very well-liked family pet who is best known for its unique black and white coat.

The Dalmatian is a very loyal, caring, alert, and social dog. They enjoy your attention and have a very curious side to them, especially while outdoors, where they enjoy exploring. They are also known to quickly grow a bond with their families. The Dalmatian is a committed dog who enjoys the company of his family. With proper training they are able to adapt well with other pets in the home.

Dalmatians do well with routine bathing at least one time every four to five weeks. They do not
require excessive amounts of upkeep and are easy to maintain. Daily brushing is always
recommended as it will help them look and feel their best. Remembering to keep their nails
trimmed should also be a part of their personal care routine.

Dalmatians are semi active dogs and do need ample amounts of energy to feel their best. The correct
ratio of meat-based protein and micronutrients, as well as healthy carbs and fats, will keep this
breed healthy. Many Dalmatian owners recommend feeding this dog two meals a day, spaced about
twelve hours apart. It is also very important to remember to provide your dog with proper dental
care. It is suggested that his teeth get cleaned a minimum of three times a week. Failing to keep
his teeth clean can contribute to health issues.

The Dalmatian stands between twenty-two and twenty-four inches tall.
This breed weighs between forty-five and sixty pounds.
The average life expectancy for this breed is between ten and thirteen years.

Fact: The Dalmatian is a very smart dog and trains with ease.
Fact: Dalmatians are famous for being firehouse dogs. Dalmatians used to serve as coaching dogs for horse-drawn fire coaches.
Fact: This breed loves exploring the great outdoors with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dalmatians are generally unproblematic. Caring for a Dalmatian simply involves regular brushing which aids bonding, lots of exercises and also showering it with attention.

Dalmatians are popularly known for shedding lots of hair. The best way to deal with this is to brush the dog as often as possible.

Webbed feet are just a genetic feature that dalmatians are born with which helps them swim better. Webbed feet are nothing to worry about in dalmatians. 

Spaying a dalmatian is usually a matter of owner’s choice. However, most veterinary doctors do advise that dalmatians be spayed to avoid dealing with diseases that are related to reproductive organs.

A dalmatian should be fed at most 5 cups of dog food daily. Certainly, this varies between dalmatians of different ages. 

Dalmatians are very social and active dogs and as such, will fit in very well in families. However, kids must take care of a Dalmatian.

Dalmatians like every other dog have common health problems such as deafness, hyperactivity, hip dysplasia, and urinary stones. However, most dalmatians are usually healthy and may never experience any of the aforementioned health issues.

The average size of a female Dalmatian dog is somewhere between 16-24kg while the average size of a male dalmatian dog is between 15-32kg.

Dalmatians are medium height dogs. Female dalmatians have a standard height of 56–58 cm, while male dalmatians have an average height of 58–61 cm.

Dalmatians do not produce so much oil in their skin. Hence, the dryness of its skin and its odorless nature.

Dalmatians are the best option for a family that wants to keep everybody actively doing something. Their playful and energetic nature makes them one of the most sought-after dogs.

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