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Larry Ashley

Customer Comments: Great service. Great price. Only place in town I can find the food for my dog.

Normal Freak

Customer Comments: I love it here! They always have new puppies and the staff if super helpful when I need help picking toys out for my puppies.

Aaron Stoughton

Customer Comments: I always knew adopting a puppy would be the biggest decision I'll have to make in the near future and I did not take it lightly. After doing my research, checking out several different locations, and trying to find the best fit, no one came close to the support I received from this petland. They we're patient with me and made sure I knew what I was getting into along with not scaring me away with questionable puppy conditions like other stores. If I were to decide on a second dog I would always stop by there first and will always recommend people to do the same.

Lexi Michelle

Customer Comments: Petland is such an amazing pet store. The staff is amazing & very friendly. Store is very clean & kept organized. I bought a puppy from them a couple months ago & it was such a great experience!!

Sheena Salmon

Customer Comments: I like this place because its local and its very easy to get into and out of. The staff is always helpful and really try to help you get the right items for your pet. I told them my dog has a sensitive stomach and they recommended me a great bag of dog food, now my dog doesn't feel sick after eating thanks so much.

Lorna Margretta

Customer Comments: This store is locally owned and awesome!! I got two of my beautiful puppies from here (Charlie and Rory)! They get all of their pups from certified breeders, and each pup has a file with pictures of the parents and a confirmed pedigree certificate. They have tons of pictures of the managers visiting these breeders and making sure they live in good conditions!! It is great to know there is a pet store in jacksonville that sells dogs that aren’t from puppy mills, and that they are being well taken care of. With everything included in the price of the dogs, it is so worth it! Awesome environment, awesome people, awesome store!!

Rachael Ramirez

Customer Comments: Amazing customer service and the cutest pups. Petland gives you the best bang for your buck. You get everything you need for your pup all at one affordable price. I would not go anywhere else to get a pup. They also have all the supplies you need. So go there buy your next family member and all there treats and toys because they have it all.

Jeremy Lancaster

Customer Comments: Went in today to get my dog food and treats! Friendly staff and cute, cute pups! Store smelled clean and pups look well cared for. Would recommend this store!

Kaylin Johnson

Customer Comments: The staff here was AMAZING! Thanks Mikaela for such good customer service. Hannah thanks for giving both my girlfriend and I the opportunity to get two dogs for an amazing price. You gals are AMAZING! Definitely will be telling my friends to shop here. They’ll definitely get a bang for there buck.

Ashley Brenstein

Customer Comments: We got our little buddy from here, little golden retriever. He’s the best pup - so happy and so easy to potty train! Store is clean and good staff!

abbey lauren

Customer Comments: Great petland. Super clean, great selection of products, and they take good care of the puppies. They have cards that give info on breeders and birthdates. They had cute little beds that the puppies can lay on I loved that. Overall, great experience

Bailey Greene

Customer Comments: My German Shepherd is such an amazing pup!! The staff was so helpful and friendly when we got her at Petland. They always remember Daisey when she goes back in to say hi!

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