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Puppy Packages

The Petland Puppy Value



Every puppy for sale at Petland goes home with warranties that protects your puppy and your wallet from expensive medical bills.
Total Value: Price of your Puppy


Your new puppy comes with an intensive FREE micro-chipping service helping you and your family reunite with your puppy should it ever become lost or stolen.
Total Value: $150.00 You Pay: $0


Your new puppy will leave Petland Jacksonville current on all vaccinations, ensuring the health of your puppy and reducing your veterinarian costs.
Total Value: $250.00 You Pay: $0


Puppies will go home with a free bag of Precise dog food at time of purchase.
Total Value: $22.00 You Pay: $0

Puppy Kit

When you purchase your puppy from Petland, they will go home with an appropriate sized crate to assist in potty training.
Total Value: $100.00 You Pay: $0


All puppies go home with training material. We know not everyone speaks dog so we want to make sure everyone is as prepared to train their dog as possible. The training program comes with material and 22 hours of video on a DVD to help you and your puppy live a happy life together.
Total Value: $500.00 You Pay: $0

AKC Trial Package

Official AKC dog Recording, 30 day Trial Pet Healthcare Insurance Plan, Eligibility for AKC Events, AKC Family Dog Magazine.
Total Value: $199.99 You Pay: $0


All customers that purchase a puppy from our store are able to participate in the Puppies for a Lifetime program. It is free to participate. We believe pets make life better so when the time comes and your Petland puppy passes and the owner has fulfilled the requirements of participation, your next puppy is free.

Puppy owners choose to buy from Petland Jacksonville because they know exactly what they are getting, trust that we stand behind our puppies, and understand that we are always there to help our customers in every way possible, as evidenced by our comprehensive Puppy Package!

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